Equipment for unpacking products – Bag breaking machine

Equipment for unpacking products – Bag breaking machine

The characteristics of NPK products are hygroscopic properties. After being bagged for a while, the product bags are often piled on top of each other into many layers, so the products in the bags are often clumped into blocks, which are difficult to use when reaching consumers.

With its unique design, Phu Minh Company has designed and manufactured a bag breaking machine, used to loosen products for bags weighing 25 kg and 50 kg, stored in bulk, but Do not tear the cover.

The bag threshing machine has been supplied by Phu Minh Company to large fertilizer factories such as: Lam Thao Superphosphate and Chemical Joint Stock Company, Binh Dien Fertilizer Company, Phu My Fertilizer Factory, Factory. Ca Mau Fertilizer and a number of companies in the refined sugar industry. All are rated as stable and durable operation.

With nearly thirty years of experience, today Phu Minh Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has many machine designs in hand and has fabricated and installed in many manufacturing factories throughout the country, which are:

1 . Various types of conveyors in the chain

2 . Types of screws

3 . Types of chain conveyor buckets, steel belt conveyor buckets

4 . Types of dryers, coolers

5 . Types of disc granulators, rotary barrel granulators

6 . Types of vibrating sieves, rotary sieves

7 . Types of product packaging scales

8 . Urea smelting systems


Phu Minh Company is always ready to serve customers near and far upon request.


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