Phu Minh Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd

The unit has a lot of experience in manufacturing machinery and equipment for chemical fertilizer plants, etc. Traditional products are designed, manufactured and installed by us, ensuring high durability, easy repair and replacement, and have been tested in practice at many domestic fertilizer factories. From the supply of single equipment such as crushers, rotary granulators, disc granulators, rotary drum dryers, industrial fans, automatic weighing systems, to the design and installation of packages. an NPK fertilizer factory, we can satisfy all customers. The machinery and equipment provided by Phu Minh often use magnetic objects imported from Germany, Japan, etc., so the durability is guaranteed. The use of equipment of Phu Minh ensures the initiative for convenient operation and management of equipment. Technical documents are delivered to customers when handing over equipment in Vietnamese, making the process of maintaining and maintaining equipment easy.

Faith for every project



From the previous decades, the mechanical industry in Vietnam only accounted for a very modest proportion, production machinery was completely imported from abroad. But after nearly 30 years of innovation, mechanical technology has made miraculous, explosive and powerful developments and has become a spearhead industry of the country when it is able to supply its own machines and production lines. with international standards.

Taking advantage of natural opportunities and favorable terrain Phu Minh has developed for nearly 30 years since its establishment in 1995. Human resource development and training has always been a top priority. The boldest mark is the successful construction of a team of officers and engineers capable of designing, manufacturing and assembling products in accordance with quality and safety standards.

Fully meet the manufacturer's requirements


Before 2000, all bagged from Supe Lan to NPK was manually bagged, but until 2000, Phu Minh combined with departments of Lam Thao Supe Lan Company to replace and improve the whole process. re-set the manual bagging system with automatic bagging. Thereby, completely liberating workers’ labor and increasing productivity, ensuring the aesthetics of the packaging after being shipped. Since cooperating with Phu Minh, Lam Thao Supe Lan Company has made a big change in technology and techniques in the production line.

2018 - now

With modern equipment to fully meet the manufacturer’s requirements. Nearly 30 years of operation, the name of Phu Minh Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is increasingly confirmed today when there is great trust from partners who are large fertilizer companies in Vietnam such as: Binh Dien Fertilizer Joint Stock Company, Can Tho Fertilizer and Chemical Joint Stock Company, Ba Con Co Co., Ltd. and especially the nearly 30-year cooperation relationship with Super Phosphate and Chemicals Joint Stock Company Lam Thao.